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My family and I are truly grateful and blessed having met Daryl. From the first phone call Daryl was amazing and a true professional. Daryl always gave us guidance and actively cared for my family and I throughout the process. Daryl and team are the only way to go! There aren’t enough words to explain how amazing Daryl and team are, but the words that always come out when speaking to family and friends about this team are TRUE BLESSING. Thank you again Daryl and team for everything! Truly amazing job!

Fimbrez Family

Daryl was truly a amazing person him and his team did a fantastic job putting me and my family in our very first home. The most impressive thing i can say about Daryl is that he was very very knowledgeable of VA home loan i probably asked him tons upon tons of questions and for the most part he had the answers to all of them to the T which really impressed me and i am one of those skeptical guys that will ask you a question and wait two or three days later to see if you give me a different answer, and for the most part Daryl gave me the same answer every time he definitely knows what he is doing and he is a very diligent worker, hell he even got my credit score up on top of that. Infinity mortgage was truly a blessing for me and my family and i am proud to say that i am a home owner due to Daryl's hard work.

Jules hardy

Daryl and his team were awesome! No other way to describe it. From the moment I started the home buying process and financial process - questions were answered quickly and in ways that I could understand and most of all, he was honest with me. The team moved quickly  and thoroughly and I really appreciated their help through the process. Great team!

Nicole Edmund

From the introduction to the closing date, Daryl and his team were awesome! I don't think I've experienced such stellar customer service with such a robust process, such as the home buying experience. I often joked with Daryl about not working so much because he was ALWAYS available if my husband and I had questions. Not only did he walk alongside of us, but he truly educated us throughout the process! We walked away with invaluable information that most consultants charge for. The tenacity, resilience, and candid honesty are intangible values that you won't be able to find elsewhere. I'm so glad that our realtor, Erika Kennedy, introduced us to Daryl. Together, they both helped us to secure our dream home in such a short period of time. We started the process in January 2019 and were closing with keys in hand on February 15, 2019. Some people call it magic, I call it a blessing! We were truly blessed to be given the opportunity to work with Daryl and his team. My husband and I couldn't be happier with Infinity Mortgage Holdings and their team of experts.

L. Thomas

I was pre-approved and pre-qualified by Veterans United Home Loans, after several weeks of looking my family, and I fell in love with our current home, and we started the paperwork process, everything was going well, I had given my 30-day notice to my landlord of me leaving the house and, I had packed the majority of my house into a pod which was already in storage. It was Aug 17th a quite calm Friday afternoon when I get a phone call from my lender; I was about two weeks from closing on my new home. And they tell “oops… we made a mistake… we CAN’T qualify you…” Talk about a nightmare scenario. They told me the reason that they could not qualify me was due to a late payment I gave on my car 11 Months ago. Daryl and his team not only got my loan approved in less than two weeks, but I was able to meet my original closing date of Sep 5th! I mean talk about proficient. They worked day and night to get this done for me, and I just gave my first payment on my new home Oct 1st, and I feel so blessed, and Infinity mortgage was a god sent.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to Veterans Needs.
Thank you for not just talking the easy cases…

Fernando I Rubalcava

WOW !!!!! I want to thank Daryl,Laurie and the whole team for a great job.This team is fantastic.I was on a short timeline and they helped to make it happen.Everything was done in a professional manner and all my questions were answered promply.Thanks again and God Bless.

Bridget Brown

To say Daryl and his team were phenomenal is an understatement!! At a time when we had almost given up and thought we may not be able to get into a new home, Daryl and his team stepped in and saved the day, and we are forever grateful. The process was quick and painless and there was no guessing, as Daryl was very straight forward from beginning to end. I highly recommend Daryl and his team!

Tansy Loya

Daryl and his team were great. They were easy to work with and easy to contact if I had Any questions. Daryl and his team got me to closing on time with no problem. I will Definitely use him again. 

Jeremy S

Wow! I don't Even know were to start. Daryl and his team are just wonderful. The first time that i spoke to Daryl, he made me feel that i was speaking to the right person I received that sense of honesty and comfort that we have reached out to the right person that would help us finance our now new home. Every question i had was and answer I received, he never kept anything from us and never gave up, was always honest and straight to the point. No matter how many times I asked the same question, he would always answer my concerns. My family and I are very pleased for the help that we received from Daryl and his team. We definitely recommend them and will use their services again if I ever decide to purchase a new home in the future!

Josephina Jimenez

Daryl and his team guided us along the way through the entire process of receiving financing for our new home purchase! Jay and Daryl did a great job of staying on top of things and ensured us along the way that things would turn out just right!! We are thankful for opportunity we had with this experience!!

Barreto Family

Citywide Funding Group made my first home buying experience less stressful!!Daryl went above and beyond to answer ALL of my questions and was there at any time to guide me through the process. I would definitely recommend Daryl to anyone that is thinking of buying a home.

Kelsey M

Mr. Daryl Schafer and his team were amazing to work with through out the entire process. They made sure that I was in the know and had every document available to make the loan process go smoothly. I am honored to have worked with such group of professionals. And I will highly recommend Mr. Schafer and his team to take care of your mortgage needs. They are very knowledgeable and trained to handle all your mortgage needs.

Annie Crenshaw

Daryl and his team are AWESOME! My family and I have been truly amazed at the professionalism and commitment to the process of purchasing a home. They were the best at communicating and helping us through the entire process. I worked with a different office previously and it was a horrible experience! Daryl and his team made this a smooth, pleasant and easy transition. I was never in the dark or unsure and we have closed and are moving into our new home. My family and I can not say Thank You enough, we are eternally gratefully and will forever refer any looking to purchase a home to your team. May God continue to bless you all and keep up the great work! YOU ROCK!!!!!

Shannon Kirk

Daryl was truly the miracle worker during our process of buying a home. We never stressed or worried due to his constant handling of our loan and the process was so easy because of him and his team. I really thought this would be a nightmarish experience but Daryl told us he wouldn't let that happen and the man kept his word! Daryl rocks!

Thornton Family

When I buy my next home, there is absolutely no other place I would consider other than Daryl and his team at Citywide Funding Group. From the very first meeting, they have been customer service driven. Everyone has been cordial, professional creative, responsive, supportive and efficient. This was an extremely challenging proposition and they never gave up. There was no hurdle they were not willing to jump and no mountain they were not willing to climb to make this happen. My family is extremely fortunate to have Citywide in our corner. I am eternally grateful. Without hesitation, I enthusiastically recommend Daryl and his Team for your mortgage needs now and in the future.

Raymond Basye

Daryl and his team were wonderful throughout the entire process. The processor (Alondra) was amazing as well. They were right on top of everything we needed prior to getting pre approved. It made us feel more confident when we started searching for homes. Start to finish we felt at ease with the home buying process. We highly recommend them and will use them again in the future! 

Cara Calzada

Being 3 months into a new country and have NO access to credit whatsoever, I held a friendly voice in a easy going accent that said: "Don't worry buddy, we will get your loan...". It wasn't an empty promisse, it was a commitment.

Months later, I closed on my newly-built customized house. Wasn't easy, but Daryl made it look so.

Aldo Zampatti

Daryl and his team are the best. This was the smoothest close I have ever done. They remained in contact with me throughout the process. I would highly recommend Daryl and his team.

Danny Cearley

Daryl can pull off what appeared to be impossible! He took over my loan when I wanted to change lenders. I was close to closing with another lender and wasn't happy with the direction of the loan or the terms. Daryl told me that he can beat the rate, terms and saved my family and me thousands of dollars. I would recommend Daryl, his team and Citywide to anyone looking to buy or refinance their home. Outstanding customer service and follow up!!

Terrance Fletcher

I have heard many horror stories from my friends and their mortgage experiences. I was worried and was waiting for something to go wrong with my loan, but nothing ever went wrong. Daryl made the experience great! This was the easiest experience of my life, not a single snag along the line and he always got back to me in a timely manner. Daryl will be getting all of my future business.

E. Jarcy

We had decided to purchase a house and our realtor recommended Daryl. We gave him a call and right away he gathered information and was able to help us. Anytime we called him he was quick to respond to us. And believe me when I say we had many questions. He always treated us with respect and was very helpful.


Daryl is a true gentleman who treats his clients with respect and courtesy. He is available literally day and night if he is needed. He is detail oriented to a fault with his goal being the most organized and easy closing ever.


Daryl is hands down the best at what he does! This is my third house and I have got to say he made it so much easier then the two previous times. I would recommend Daryl to anyone of my friends or family that are thinking about buying a house.

A. Moreno

Great!!! Darryl was the best!!!!!!!! I would use him again if I ever decide to purchase another home. I would also refer him to my friends and family if they ever to consider to purchase a house. He made the experience less stressful by answering all the questions that I had. I appreciate him so much!! All the information he gave us was accitate.

Charlotte Hain

From the very first phone I made to Daryl he was 110%. He was extremely thorough getting together a proper list of anything I needed to make the process silky smooth. It was such a joy working with Daryl, getting the funds for my 1st home purchase.

Nicholas Gardner


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